Sometimes the questions that we get asked by our many customers are ones that we get over and over again. So we thought that maybe putting a few of these together for your reading might just help answer some HVAC questions that you have too. Here is a list of a few of the HVAC questions that are asked to us on a regular basis.

Question: My HVAC system is a pretty good one that I spent a lot of money on. It has a programmable thermostat that I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Is there any advantages to using these advanced controls or is there no difference between that and just turning my temperature up and down like I am doing now?

A: To be blunt, if you have a programmable thermostat on your HVAC system that you are not using then you are cheating yourself of both convenience and energy bill savings. One of the reasons these were designed in the first place was to give you more control over the environment you live in. You can do such things as program them to go down after the last person leaves the house in the morning and then conveniently have them take the temperature back up just before the first person is scheduled to come back home. Because they are electronic they are also extremely accurate thermostats too unlike those that contain mercury.

Question: How often, if at all, does my HVAC system need to be serviced?

A: Very happy you asked this question. For starters let’s just say that there are few appliances in this world that will last as long and need as few repairs during their lifetime as your HVAC unit. With that being said, just like the finest cars that are made they run great and last a long time because they get routine service on a regular basis; well it’s no different for your HVAC system. At least one time per year you should have a trained service technician come out to your house and check the system over and do routine maintenance. This will ensure that it stays working better longer and you don’t have to worry as much about the unit breaking down on a cold January night. The best time to get this service done is a month or so before the furnace part of your HVAC system will be called on for use again.

Question: Does ductwork ever have to be inspected and repaired?

A: The answer to this is definitely yes. Expert’s estimate that upwards of 50% of the ductwork that is installed in homes is done incorrectly; that is a pretty staggering amount to say the least. This means that you could be losing a bunch of heated or cooled air before it is getting to the rooms in your home. By having such things as gaps in your ductwork sealed you can make your system much more efficient and your home much more comfortable.