How Often Should You Get Your Furnace Cleaned?

HVAC technician inspecting furnace

How often should you get your furnace cleaned? It is essential to maintain your furnace regularly. Regular furnace cleaning will extend its life and keep it from accumulating carbon monoxide and mould spores. Regular maintenance also ensures that your furnace is operating efficiently. A professional technician will check your furnace to ensure it is running efficiently. Also, it will prevent future problems. In addition to cleaning your furnace, you should schedule a tune-up with a technician every few years.

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Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your furnace

Regular maintenance can prevent a sudden breakdown of your furnace and save you up to 35% on energy bills. By performing regular maintenance, you’ll ensure the peak efficiency of your furnace and maintain the quality of the air you breathe. By following these routine maintenance tips, you’ll ensure your furnace runs smoothly for longer, thus extending the life of … read more...