Are you looking for energy conservation tips?  It is possible to keep the house warm and lower your heating and air conditioning bills.

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Having good quality insulation when installing a HVAC system is a key feature in conserving your energy consumption particularly during winter. The same applies to windows. Ensuring that your windows are of high quality can be a step worth taking to beef up your home and reduce heat loss; but, consider the following DIY tips and you will manage to achieve the same even when you are on a shoestring budget.

Make Wise Investments for Your Windows

As hard to believe as it may sound, windows place the role of lighting and airing the house, thus are controversial parts or any home heat and AC system. Energy Star Canada says that homes can save up to 15percent of their energy bills if they invest in modern energy-efficient windows that have unique features such as transparent gas insulation between panes or triple panes. But, the cost of such windows is too higher for most homeowners and some professionals in various quarters point out that the money spent on such windows can be used in other areas that can still help improve and reduce energy consumptions in homes.

Nevertheless, it is possible to beef up windows without having to replace them entirely. For instance, a bit of plastic wrapping can do wonder, especially for drafty windows. Just tape the wrapping around the frame and shrink it against the window frame using a hot hair dryer to seal off the gaps. Alternatively, you can use bubble wrap to achieve the same results, just as long as you do not get carried away with popping the bubbles.

A Creative Energy Conservation Intervention

You can cover your windows with bubble wrap using the following simple steps:

  • Apply a mist of water on the window using a spray bottle.
  • Place the bubble wrap on the window’s surface and press it against the window.

You will not have to use any tape of a hair dryer and will have spent very little to get the job done. According to Build It Solar, bubble wrapping windows is an effective solution that reduced heat lose through the windows by half. The only downside is that the bubble wrap makes the window look funny with the packing material, and the material is opaque and obscures viewing through the window panes.

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Energy Conversation Tips: Using Bubble Wrap and Water to Insulate Windows